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Problems with Youth Joint Injuries

Physical activity is a vital part of a child’s development. However, when they push themselves too hard or the level of activity is too much for their bodies to bear then they become susceptible to a number of youth joint injuries.

Junior Athletes

Young athletes regularly begin their competitive careers from as early as seven-years-old. That is not even including the high number of children who engage in sporting activities while at school. Children suffer sports-related injuries so often that sporting injuries are the second leading cause of children and teenagers needing to visit the emergency room.

Sprains are the most common type of joint injuries for junior athletes. They occur when the ligament which holds the ankle joint overextends or tears. Most young people recover from such injuries fairly quickly. However, it is vital that if a child is in pain, they see an orthopedic doctor. Their visit should be immediate since the damage may be worse than it seems.

Children who are hurt often ignore the pain or feel encouragement to be “tough.” This mentality works against the best interests of young athletes. Continuing to play with a serious injury will cause the joint pain to get worse. Youth joint injuries can potentially end the young person’s athletic career when it has barely begun.

Juvenile Arthritis

The causes of joint pain can vary. Children who are not active in sports, but have youth joint pain can relate their injuries to another condition. If the child’s joints swell for more than six weeks, then it may be a sign of juvenile arthritis. Cases of juvenile arthritis fall under several classifications, however, the three main types of juvenile arthritis are systemic, polyarticular and oligoarticular.

Identifying which kind of youth joint injuries or arthritis a child has is more complex and will need an expert in orthopedics. When a child complaining of joint pain sees their orthopedic surgeon, the doctor will look for juvenile arthritis factors before coming to a diagnosis and suggesting a form of treatment.

Joint pain in children can be difficult to categorize. An orthopedic doctor must be sure to determine whether the pain is from a disease or by strenuous exertion. To identify the cause of the pain, the physician performs tests to see why the child is experiencing pain. An expert orthopedic physician, like Dr. Burke, will be able to recognize the condition that the child may be facing.