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Your Life Before and After Total Knee Replacement

If you have a stiff and painful knee that is making it difficult for you to carry out even the simplest of activities, you may consider having a total knee replacement surgery. However, you should only consider this if alternative treatments are no longer working and your orthopedic specialist recommends this procedure.
Before TKR Surgery
The decision to have the surgery performed is not usually straightforward and normally involves a careful conversation with your orthopedic surgeon. Ultimately, you have the final decision based on the injury, disease and pain that is affecting your daily activities and life.
People who decide on TKR surgery report that the symptoms before surgery prevent them from taking part in activities that matter to people such as exercise, sleeping, working and mobility. Total knee replacement is a generally safe procedure that can enhance the quality of your life.
In the weeks before total knee surgery, you may be asked about your medical history, legal arrangements and insurance. Answering these questions is essential in meeting medical insurance and quality assurance guidelines. Take some time to make a list of your medical and personal information to help quicken the process and give your healthcare team all the crucial information required for a successful surgery.
To shorten your recovery time and lessen the chance for complication, you should follow all instructions from your doctor. Your surgeon may also give you specific directions a few days before your surgery. You will also need to make plans for your homecoming to ensure that your stay at home is comfortable for a smooth recovery.
For example, if you have special needs or live alone, you may consider staying with a friend or family member after your discharge from the hospital. Recovery time is shorter when your TKR procedure is performed with robotic assistance so be aware of your recovery time in order to plan properly.
After TKR Surgery
After a total knee joint replacement surgery, the average hospital stay is normally three to five days. The majority of patients have dramatic improvements with their new knee. The new gliding surface constructed during surgery will alleviate the pain from the damaged joint.
You should be standing and walking the joint a day after the surgery. However, you may need assistance and a walking device until the knee can support your entire body weight. Light exercises or physical therapy can help muscle strength and you will soon be able to enjoy nearly all activities.
Your new joint implant will last for quite some time. It is estimated that 85% of the joint implants last 20 years or more. With improvements in surgical procedure, such as robotic surgery and artificial joint materials, these artificial joints could last even longer. Contact Dr. Burke Orthopedics if you are interested in total knee replacement surgery or have questions about robotic surgery.