Why does my knee hurt?

You may be experiencing knee pain for a myriad of reasons.  Based on that specific reason, determining a correct diagnosis for your knee pain will be vital in planning what the best joint pain treatment plan will be.  Diagnosing the cause of your joint pain may involve imaging, such as an MRI or x-ray.

Or, diagnostics may be less involved and may consist only of a consultation with Dr. Burke. At this consultation, he will perform a thorough orthopedic evaluation of the knee perhaps with the use of a diagnostic ultrasound in order to gain a better understanding of what is happening with the underlying tissues.  At this point, he will then be able to determine what the best strategy will be to ultimately provide knee pain relief.

Common knee problems

There are a few diagnoses of joint pain involving the knee area that are quite common knee problems.  Synovitis, patella-femoral syndrome, and osteoarthritis are all quite common, to name a few.

Synovitis is an inflammation of the surrounding membrane of the knee joint.  Patello-femoral syndrome is an incorrect tracking of the kneecap causing pain whenever the quadriceps muscles are contracted, and osteoarthritis is a wear and tear of the joint over time.

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Joint pain in the knee can be extremely irritating and cause you great grief, affecting your ability to walk and perform the most mundane of tasks.  But the good news is that the majority of the time, the underlying problem causing you to wonder “Why does my knee hurt?” is not serious.

For more severe cases, you may be advised to undergo a joint replacement as your knee pain remedy, however more often than not a course of physical therapy will be recommended for your joint pain treatment plan.

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In today’s healthcare climate, you may be understandably apprehensive to make an appointment with a doctor in order to receive knee pain help.  You do not need to live with this pain.  Dr. Burke is continuing to perform scheduled surgeries and non-elective new surgeries at the Texas Orthopedic Hospital.  This hospital is strictly for the performance of orthopedic consultations and surgeries.  Sick patients are not treated at this facility so you can go there without fear of being exposed to COVID-19.

Please make an appointment to consult with Dr. Burke regarding the best option for a knee pain remedy.  New and repeat patients have the option to choose either in clinic or Telemedicine Video clinic appointments.  The knee pain help that you need is just a phone call or click away.  Please make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Burke by visiting this website https://drburkeortho.com/contact-us/ or by calling (713) 436-3488.

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