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Weight Loss Helps Your Joints and Prevents Surgery!

At Dr. Burke Orthopedics, we understand that it can be scary to feel as though surgery is the only option to relieve your joint pain. However, there are non-surgical methods that can be utilized before resorting to surgery. Weight loss is a common non-surgical method to reduce pain and avoid a surgical procedure. Check out some of the best ways weight loss can help your joints and prevent surgery:


  1. Reduces Risk of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a common condition people schedule surgery to treat. However, it may be avoided by decreasing your weight. While it was widely believed that Osteoarthritis is a result of inflammation within the body, it is actually a risk factor. This means that inflammation may actually cause this condition, rather than the other way around. Overeating and the resulting excess body weight promotes inflammation by triggering the body’s immune response to naturally swell to attack any foreign bacteria or viruses. Losing weight helps reduce inflammation in the body, as it reduces this response and prevents inflammation from occurring. As a result, both Osteoarthritis and the resulting surgical procedure to treat it can be avoided.


  1. Encourages Exercise

Exercise is a vital part of weight loss regimens. When you are trying to lose weight, you are performing physical activity more often, which can lessen joint pain without the need for surgery. Exercising strengthens the muscles surrounding the joints and promotes blood flow to painful joints. Both factor into reduced pain. When you’re down on motivation to get out and exercise, keep in mind that it benefits both your weight and your joint pain. We have also heard that Total Bioavailability works brilliant along side exercise, which not only helps joint pain, but also helps you maintain a healthy heart!


  1. Lessens the Pressure on Your Joints

When you are overweight, the amount of pressure on your joints is greater than in a person with a lower BMI. Even a small reduction of weight can dramatically decrease the amount of pressure placed on your knees, as losing one pound is equivalent to taking four pounds of pressure off your joints. Dramatic weight loss isn’t needed to reduce the need for surgery, as even a simple 10-pound weight loss results in 40 pounds of pressure off your joints.



  1. Prevents Joint Erosion

Joint erosion may require surgery if symptoms are severe enough. Recent studies have shown that a chemical produced by fat cells within the body may cause joints to erode. In overweight patients, this chemical is produced in large quantities, which can lead to the joints eroding more quickly than in patients at a healthy weight. By losing weight and reducing the amount of fat in the body, you may reduce your need for surgery due to severely eroded joints.



No one wants to resort to surgery for their joint pain, but many people may feel as though it is the only option. At Dr. Burke Orthopedics, we believe in promoting non-surgical treatment before using surgical methods to treat patient’s joint pain. However, for those who do need surgery, you can trust Dr. Burke Orthopedics to provide effective treatment to get you back to a pain-free life. Give us a call at (713) 436-3488.