Should You Be Wearing a Knee Brace? Here's the Truth...
Doctor adjusting a knee brace for his patient's right leg

Should You Be Wearing a Knee Brace?

You see them on TV and you see them on famous athletes, but should you be wearing one? What is a knee brace and what does it do? These nude or black braces are a form of support for the knee joint. Braces can help you when the knee is suffering from a previous injury or even before the pain starts. Many athletes will wear some form of knee pads or braces if they are struggling with old injuries or reoccurring knee pain. It is the hard landings or jumps that can cause chronic pain to the knees. Many times, NBA players will wear knee braces for the additional support.

Should I Wear a Knee Brace?

Great question! It does not matter if you are a professional athlete or an athlete at all. A knee brace may very well work for you. However, do not think that the knee brace will make all your knee pain magically disappear. The number one reason why people wear a knee brace is for the extra support. Braces can even be worn over the clothes. They are there to help patients before, during or after any kind of knee injury. If your knees are feeling aches and pains, especially when walking the dog or other chores, try a knee brace. See if this lightweight band makes your chores easier.

If you are thinking about wearing a knee band for the extra support, consult your doctor about which band is the best to buy and when you should be wearing a brace the most. There are different kinds of braces so before purchasing any kind you see from a commercial, do some research. Identify when you experience the most knee pain. Some braces are specific for post-op recovery while other are more of an everyday use. Your doctor can help you with these details, but do some of your own research as well so you can be an informed buyer.

What Else Should I Know About Knee Braces?

Lastly, there are a few warnings when it comes to your new knee brace. If you will be wearing the brace when working out, during sports or anytime outside, the brace gets sweaty over time. Sweat is a natural thing and your body needs the sweat to cool itself down. So, if your brace starts to feel moist or even smell, do not worry. Many knee braces are machine washable. When making a purchase, consider which braces are machine washable and work best for your intentions.

There is a final note about knee braces. At first, it may feel awkward with this band covering your knee. It takes some time to forget that the brace is there. Even though it may be uncomfortable or annoying during its first use, give your knee brace a chance. After a few more times, you will forget it’s there. So, do not feel discouragement if the brace is not working for you. You may need a different form of support or try simply adjusting the size. If you are still experiencing chronic knee pain and your knee brace attempts do not work well, talk to your doctor. Your doctor can suggest something else that helps with your knee pain.