Types of Stem Cells Used for Orthopedic Treatment

Stem cells are gaining popularity in the orthopedic field. Different types of stem cells produce different results. Dr. Burke Orthopedics understands that learning the difference between the kinds of stem cells ensures patients are well-prepared for the procedure. Here’s what you need to know about various cells used for orthopedic treatment:

  1. Unipotent

Unipotent stem cells are very limited. They do not possess the ability to transform into other cells, narrowing their use in the medical field. Unipotent cells are rarely used to treat a patient. Orthopedic doctors prefer using cells that can transform into various tissues instead.

  1. Omnipotent

Omnipotent cells can transform into cells the body needs most. This may help patients find relief from orthopedic pain. They can rebuild damaged cartilage between joints, eliminating the sensation of bones rubbing together. The use of these cells is extremely controversial, meaning it is not commonly used for treatment.

  1. Pluripotent

Pluripotent cells dramatically reduce the “controversial” image of stem cells. Normal cells can be transformed into pluripotent cells, eliminating the need to receive cells from arguable sources. These cells originate from mature cells, possessing great potential for clinical treatment.


  1. Multipotent

Multipotent stem cells enable the body to rebuild a variety of tissues. They can transform into muscle, fat, and cartilage, making them ideal for orthopedic treatments. These cells can divide, forming other healthy multipotent cells to repair the body. This makes them the most versatile type of stem cell.

Platelet-rich plasma injection of the knee

Stem cell research delivers new information about the types of stem cells, their uses, and their potential. We are at the forefront of stem cell research and technology at Dr. Burke Orthopedics. Get back to a pain-free life. Call us at (713) 436-3488 or visit us at https://drburkeortho.com/contact-us/.

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