Types of Spondyloarthritis Arthritis

Dr. Burke Orthopedics specializes in curing many types of arthritis. The swelling of joints should not be treated equally. Arthritis is common and can present itself in many forms. Joint swelling is not always in the same location or the only symptom one can suffer from when dealing with arthritis. Arthritis may be the reason you are experiencing reoccurring pain. Spondyloarthritis affects roughly 3 million people in the United States and is a branch of arthritis with a variety of symptoms and forms. Commonly unknown symptoms of this group are pink eye and irregular bowel movements.

4 Main Types of Spondyloarthritis Symptoms:

  1. Inflammatory arthritis that disrupts the digestive system causing irregular bowel movements. If not treated, it could lead to Crohn’s disease. Treatment for this may include joint replacement, Physiotherapy, TNF-inhibitors, etc.
  2. Reiter’s syndrome is reactive arthritis. Uncommon symptoms of this are pink eye, rash, oral ulcers, and UTIs. Methods of treatment would be arthroscopy, antibiotics, NSAIDs, Joint injections, etc.
  3. The skin disease psoriasis is linked to Psoriatic arthritis. Symptoms are typical to arthritis symptoms and are treatable with surgeries and medications. If left untreated, immobility due to pain, or stiff joints may occur.
  4. Spondylitis is stiffness that you may experience in the morning for 30 minutes or more. It can cause common symptoms found in all types of arthritis, such as joint pain, stiffness, or swelling. If left untreated, this form could lead to spinal deformities causing bones to reshape themselves over time.

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