Top 5 Joint-Friendly Ways to Set Up for the Holidays

For most people, this time of the year is filled with festivities and celebrations. But for some people, it can mean increased joint pain, particularly knee pain, because of the change in weather. Read on for suggestions on how to set up for the holidays in the most pain-free way possible.

Maintain Good Posture

You may not think so, but the posture of your spine when sitting and standing can have a huge impact on your other joints near and far away. Maintaining proper posture is critical for alleviating stress on your joints which can lead to pain.

Sitting with good posture (which means no slouching) and distributing your bodyweight as evenly as possible can have a significant positive impact on dispensing equal stress on all joints. This helps to reduce joint pain so that one joint does not bear the brunt of the work to stabilize and move your body. Uneven stress on joints is usually the cause of knee pain and other injuries.

Orthopedic supports such as ergonomic cushions and chairs support your spine and hips which can ensure that your joints are well-aligned.

Wear Orthopedic Shoes

Knee pain, ankle pain, and all other joint pain can be dramatically improved by changing footwear. Again, the use of orthopedic shoes and inserts have the aim of equally distributing your bodyweight. Or they may be custom-made to have more support where you need it more and less support where it is not needed as much.

Your shoes should have adequate arch support, be roomy in the toes, and have the amount of cushioning that you find comfortable. Orthopedic shoes and inserts can provide relief from joint pain and help improve posture.

Utilize Ladders, Step Stools, and Other Aids

If you can’t reach something, don’t strain and try to reach beyond your capability. This could lead to falling and causing serious injury. Utilizing step ladders, grabbers, and step stools can be very helpful when needing to reach high places or nooks and crannies that are hard to get to.

When using ladders and step stools, make sure that they are stabilized before climbing on them. It is helpful to have someone else there with you to help.

Explore a Change in Festive Setups

Maybe you need to consider a change in decorations and other festive setups. If you are having joint pain, some decorations, such as stringing lights, may be off-limits for you, and that’s OK. Pivoting to more joint-friendly setups can help with a holiday experience with minimal pain.

Explore homemade decorations that are fun to make and that you’re proud to display that don’t require reaching to high or far places.

Ask for Help

If you are having knee pain or some other joint pain that does not go away after several days of reduced activity and rest, it’s time to ask for help. And what a great time of year to ask for that help! Most people are in a very giving and helping spirit this time of year. Ask a friend or family member to lift that heavy object or reach a high shelf. Being open and honest about needing help with some things will make you and everyone around you more comfortable.  

When you have joint pain that needs help beyond reaching a high shelf or stringing lights, you may need to see your orthopedic doctor. We provide that help here at Dr. Burke Orthopedics in a friendly, empathetic manner. When it comes to knee pain specifically, we offer the latest innovation in stem cell therapy called the MACI Procedure. It is a game changer in orthopedics and treating knee pain. Give us a call about it at (713) 436-3488 to discuss your options and have a very happy holiday season!

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