Top 3 Most Common Causes for Chronic Knee Pain

It would be very difficult to find one person in your life who has never been affected by knee pain. Chronic knee pain affects millions of individuals every year. To effectively manage pain, you must get an accurate diagnosis. Read on as we discuss the top three common causes of knee pain: osteoarthritis, previous knee injuries, and overuse/misuse.


Osteoarthritis (OA) is at the top of the list regarding common causes of knee pain and other joint pain. This condition occurs over time, gradually wearing down protective cartilage in the knee joint. This ‘wear and tear’ on the knee joint leads to stiffness, inflammation, and ultimately, mild to severe knee pain. Seeking the expertise of doctors who specialize in orthopedics is crucial for accurate diagnosis which will guide individualized, tailored treatment plans.

OA is insidious as it may go unnoticed for years. Or it may only present as a mild, nagging knee pain for a long time, leading the affected individual to think “It’s not a big deal, it will will go away on its own.” In some cases, this is true and the pain will subside. But in others, as the condition progresses, the pain can enter into chronic territory and be present all the time.

OA can significantly impact daily activities. Orthopedics plays a huge role in managing osteoarthritis, which may involve one of the following treatments or, all of them, or a combination of some: medication including steroid injections, bracing, physical therapy, and in some cases, surgery.

Previous Knee Injuries

Past injuries to the knee often pop up to haunt you and cause pain again. A sports-related injury, a torn ligament, a fracture – these can all lead to lingering discomfort and pain.

To effectively manage the chronic pain associated with prior knee injuries it is essential to understand the link between the two. Knowing that the discomfort you are feeling is likely stemming from a previous injury rather than a new one can make all the difference in treatment. Ignoring the aftermath of a knee injury can make the problem worse. If you think there still may be a problem, you should visit a specialist in orthopedics ASAP.


Overuse injuries are probably the most common source of joint pain in the younger population. An active participant in sports or someone who works a manual job will often perform repetitive movements. Also, there may be an unintentional improper use of the knee joint, leading to injury.

Overuse or misuse injuries benefit most from holistic treatment that includes both lifestyle modifications and orthopedic management and guidance. Knowledge about appropriate footwear, exercise and body mechanics are invaluable lessons you can learn from your orthopedic specialist. This type of information is critical to recognizing the impact of overuse on your joints and preventing and managing chronic knee pain.

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