The 8 Steps to Collect Stem Cells

Donors are Healthy Women

Our method of obtaining stem cells involves collecting them from young, healthy females in their child-bearing years. All women that are donors have been thoroughly screened and medically evaluated. This ensures the health of the tissue from which the stem cells are harvested.

With this technique, we collect live cells, process them thoroughly by testing them and making sure that they are free of disease, then carefully ship them to your doctor. A stem cell procedure is a form of Regenerative Medicine.

Full Term Live Births

While you can collect stem cells from bone marrow, this is not the process that we use. The process that we use to acquire stem cells has been around since the 1980s and is now a tried and tested effective form of collection. The cells are harvested from the umbilical cord after a live birth via cesarean section.

We only harvest stem cells after a full-term birth. The umbilical cord is generally discarded after birth after childbirth. However, saving cord blood and subsequently harvesting its stem cells is a simple, non-invasive process.

These cells harvested from a recipient that just gave life to another human being are precious. They are naturally full of growth factors and cytokines.

Fresh Tissue

Our process for obtaining stem cells is only from the fresh tissue that is collected after a successful birth. So the tissue harvested is fresh, and is processed within a 48-hour window to maintain the integrity of the raw material.

Free of Pathogens

All the tissues collected after a live birth is tested by a third party. Using a third party ensures the sterility of the product. The tissues are quarantined and thoroughly tested following strict protocols which ensure that all tissue collected is free of pathogens.

The process used does alter in any way the regenerative properties and characteristics of the tissue that is initially obtained.

Signature Process

We obtain our stem cells from Signature Biologics, using their “Signature Process”. This process consists of a thorough evaluation of donors, testing of tissues, and adhering to all applicable standards.

From the company…” Our products maintain the integrity of the original source material and the relevant characteristics relating to its utility for soft tissue supplementation that is required for tissue repair.” (

Tissue Characteristics

The tissue extracted are after birth by cesarean section. The extraction process is conducted by licensed professionals only. The tissues are then thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. To preserve the integrity of all tissue characteristics, they are then slowly frozen and stored at -80 degrees Celsius.

Sales are Completed and Shipped Overnight

The sale of our lot of precious stem cells is only to licensed doctors and hospitals. They are shipped overnight using dry ice to preserve the integrity of the tissues.

Internal Release Criteria

We have strict standards that must be met before selling our product. The samples must pass multiple various tests before being released from quarantine and available for distribution to healthcare professionals.

Do loose bodies in the knee go away?

Loose bodies in your knee won’t simply disappear on their own. You will need to have the issue diagnosed and treated by a medical professional. However, there are limited options available from a non-surgical perspective when dealing with loose bodies. This condition often leads to symptoms that will continue to impair your movement until the fragments can be removed.

The use of anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy can aid in alleviating or reducing the symptoms and pain associated with the presence of loose bodies and improve your chances of maintaining a flexible joint.

Most of the time, the gold standard treatment for loose bodies in the knee will be an arthroscopic surgery. This is a kind of surgical procedure that is popularly known as a “clean out” procedure. This minimally invasive treatment allows a surgeon to thoroughly examine the knee for any loose bodies and remove them completely.

Woman wearing sports clothes suffering from pain in knee. Close-up painful knee with bones

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