What is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a technique Dr. Burke uses for reconstructive trauma in his patients. This outpatient procedure improves surgery performance since a small camera looks inside any of the joints and assists during the arthroscopy. A small incision allows for the arthroscope to enter the joint. Dr. Burke and his surgery assistants can see the inside of the joint on a monitor with full 3D details of the orthopedic injury or disease. Special arthroscopic instruments assess in the cleaning or repair of joint tissues with previous damage.

Dr. Burke Orthopedics offers arthroscopy as a form of reconstructive surgery for the following joints:

● Ankle
● Elbow
● Knee
● Shoulder

Arthroscopic Surgery

This minimally invasive type of arthroscopic surgery reduces the trauma to the surrounding structures of the ankle, elbow, knee or shoulder joint and it minimizes the post-operative pain. Most arthroscopic procedures can be done as an outpatient surgery where there is minimal blood loss and the environment is under control of Dr. Burke Orthopedics.

Patients will need to schedule weekly physical therapy appointments with Dr. Burke. Arthroscopy will leave patients with temporary numbness around the ankle, elbow, knee or shoulder, but this sensation will fade during the short recovery.

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Causes of Needing Arthroscopic Surgery

You may need arthroscopic surgery for the following reasons:

● Small pieces of cartilage have broken in the knee joint
● A joint is out of position
● Torn ACL
● Swollen or damaged lining of a joint
● Bone fracture
● ACL tear

Symptoms of Needing Arthroscopic Surgery

Patients who experience the following symptoms may need arthroscopic surgery:

Pain that does not improve with non-surgical methods
Swelling or redness of the joints
Loss of motion due to joint pain or stiffness

Benefits of Arthroscopy with Dr. Burke Orthopedics

For joint pain and several orthopedic conditions, arthroscopic surgery is a fast, yet thorough operation. With use of the arthroscope, or camera, Dr. Burke has an additional guide for joint reconstruction, repositioning, and other actions. Patients with ankle, elbow, knee, or shoulder pain have arthroscopy as an option for their pain relief and treatment. After full evaluation, with an MRI or another form of radiology, Dr. Burke can assess the joint and which orthopedic service will work in the patient’s advantage.

There are other treatments and reconstruction operations available as well. For example, with partial joint replacement, robotic surgery works in a similar manner as arthroscopy since this technology offers visual aids during the operation. However, Dr. Burke finds arthroscopy more useful for patients looking for an initial diagnosis or early treatment of orthopedic conditions in the ankle, elbow, knee, and shoulder.

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