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Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cell Treatment Helps Patients Get Back to Their Life!

Patients with orthopedic pain feel held back from life and everyday activities. Pain with daily movement leaves patients wondering if there is a treatment. Stem cell treatment from Dr. Burke Orthopedics can give patients an opportunity to get back to their life. Here’s how it can help:


  1. Quick Results

Patients suffering from joint pain want quick results. Stem cell therapy may offer relief within days. Moderate activity can typically be resumed without pain after stem cell injections. Patients may be able to resume strenuous activities within weeks.


  1. Minimal Medication

There is typically no need for prescription medication following stem cell therapy. Heavy medication is usually required following surgical treatment. Stem cell therapy may allow patients to avoid medication and the side-effects associated.


  1. No Down-Time

Downtime is a concern for active patients. Standard joint pain treatments require months of recovery, keeping patients away from work and daily life. Stem cell therapy may be able to remove the need for downtime. Patients can usually return to light activity immediately after treatment.


  1. No Major Incisions

Major incisions are a concern for patients. Extremely invasive treatments require longer recovery times and increase the risk of complications. Stem cell therapy does not require any incisions. Patients are given healthy stem cells via injection, minimizing the risk for infection and other problems.


Stem cell treatment can be an all-natural alternative for joint pain. We offer this revolutionary procedure at Dr. Burke Orthopedics. Call us at (713) 436-3488 or visit us at to learn more.