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Stem Cell Therapy: Spend Less Time in Recovery and More Time in the Garden This Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and many Pearland, Texas, residents are getting ready to begin a popular springtime activity: gardening. However, for those suffering from knee pain, this hobby may seem out of reach due to their stiff, achy joints. At Dr. Burke Orthopedics, we believe that no one should be held back to their life due to knee pain. That’s why we offer stem cell therapy to the Pearland, Texas area – an effective, all-natural method to help reduce pain and get you back in the garden this spring:

The most significant benefit stem cell therapy can provide patients looking to get back in the garden is relief from chronic knee pain without the need for reconstructive surgery or medications. As an added bonus, because there is no surgery needed, there is no time spent in recovery, leaving you to get to your favorite springtime hobby as quickly as possible. With this revolutionary treatment, an orthopedic specialist injects healthy stem cells from another part of the body directly into the painful area of the knee. From there, new skin cells and connective tissues form, resulting in a dramatic reduction in pain.


How Does This Work?

Pearland, Texas, residents considering stem cell therapy may be curious just how the procedure works. How do stem cells actually heal the knee?

When the stem cells are injected into a painful, damaged knee, the original stem cells within the bone marrow show the ability to multiply and change into other cell types. The newly injected cells from a different area of the body signal to the original stem cells, along with the other growth factors, that it’s time to begin repairing the damaged joint.

The stem cells within the bone marrow have many growth factors that provide an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulate local tissue repair. When these growth factors are combined with direct cell-to-cell contact between connective tissue stem cells and the cartilage cells within the joint, cartilage can actually regenerate to reduce pain, heal the knee, and get you back to your gardening.

With the miracle of stem cell therapy from Dr. Burke Orthopedics, Pearland, Texas, residents can now avoid invasive surgeries and the lengthy recovery process that follows, all while being in the care of a trusted orthopedic specialist. This spring, spend more time in the garden instead of in recovery from a knee surgery. Give Dr. Burke Orthopedics a call at (713) 436-3488.