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If you have a referral from a doctor or a recommendation from another surgeon, Dr. Burke is a great choice for getting this procedure done. Our candidates must go through a candidacy checking process before treatment.

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Dr. Burke introduces a cutting-edge state-of-the-art-medicine. Do you wake up with pain that makes it hard to get out of bed? Do you have pain because of a sports injury or forms of arthritis? Odds are life has taken its toll on your body. You may experience pain in your back, knee, hip or shoulder. When you have pain it’s hard to continue with everyday activities. Well, we have good news. There is a solution. Dr. Burke introduces a non-surgical, no down time, cutting-edge medicine available to everyone. Imagine returning to an active lifestyle, full of things you didn’t think were possible like playing with your kids, riding a bike, and even getting a good night’s sleep. All these things are now possible thanks to Dr. Burke’s stem cell technology. Once again, you will enjoy the activities in your everyday life. Stem cell therapy helps heal:

Blood Vessels




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