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Stem Cell Therapy Can Be a Surgery Alternative

stem cell surgery
A scientist seeding cells and pipetting growth medium into 96-well plate for molecular assay in biological cabinet (BSC). Doing molecular experiment in cleanroom facility.

Stem cells possess numerous benefits. A series of small injections can provide permanent relief from stiff, achy joints. Stem cell therapy may allow patients to avoid invasive surgery, enabling the body to:

  • Regenerate Cartilage

Cartilage in-between the joints degrades over time, causing pain and discomfort. The loss of cartilage leads to the sensation of bone rubbing against bone. Healthy stem cells can regenerate cartilage, alleviating discomfort.

  • Promote Healing

Surgery is a common treatment for severe injuries. Stem cell therapy can promote healing without surgical treatment. The cells possess the unique ability to transform into various tissues, including muscles, tendons and ligaments. Injuries can heal successfully without large incisions or complications.

  • Correct Orthopedic Conditions

Osteoporosis is an orthopedic condition, depleting the bones’ minerals and causing multiple fractures. Stem cell therapy helps promote bone density, reducing instances of fractures. This can provide an all-natural alternative to surgery, avoiding down time and potential complications.

Stem cell research has uncovered numerous orthopedic uses. This treatment can provide a safe and non-invasive method to cure joint pain. Don’t be held back! Consider stem cell therapy over surgery. Call Dr. Burke Orthopedics at (713) 436-3488 or visit to schedule an appointment.