Fast Facts Learned from Stem Cell Research

Though gaining popularity in the medical field, stem cell therapy is still a new procedure. We know a lot about its benefits and what conditions stem cells can treat, but we are continuously learning new facts from stem cell research. As the leading name in stem cell therapy for Pearland, Texas, and the surrounding areas, Dr. Burke Orthopedics has listed some facts learned from researching stem cells:

  • It is Not a “Cure-All” Procedure

Stem cell therapy has the amazing ability to treat a variety of conditions, but it does not guarantee results, nor is it a “cure-all” treatment. Many patients do experience relief following stem cell therapy, but the treatment may not work for some patients. This is why an individual consultation is required, so your doctor can determine your candidacy for the treatment based on symptoms, lifestyle factors, and medical treatment.

  • There are Different Types of Stem Cells

There are 8 types of stem cells, but the most commonly used for treatment include bone marrow, adipose, dental, umbilical, and amniotic stem cells. While all stem cells possess the ability to differentiate into other types of cells, specific ones are best to treat specific conditions. For example, in order to treat orthopedic issues, bone marrow cells are considered to be the best type of stem cell to utilize. Your doctor will be able to give you more information during your initial consultation.

  • The Correct Area Needs to be Targeted

Re-injecting the stem cells in the wrong area can cause problems with the entire therapy. This is why it is essential to share your symptoms with your orthopedic specialist. For example, if you feel pain in the knees, but no other area of the body, share this information during your initial treatment consultation. This will allow the correct area to be targeted by the stem cells to increase the chance of a successful treatment.

  • Drug Interactions

Certain drugs may interact with the effectiveness of stem cell therapy. The most common interaction is with anesthetic drugs, like Bupivacaine. These medications can harm stem cells, so it is important to discuss all medications with your doctor before undergoing stem cell therapy.

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