What Tissues Can Stem Cells Rebuild?

Using stem cells for orthopedic treatments is popular among Pearland, Texas residents. Recent research proves that these cells can transform into different body tissues. What kind of tissues can they help rebuild? Dr. Burke Orthopedics has the answers:

  1. Bone

Trauma and disease cause the body to lose bone. Stem cell injections may be able to help by repairing and re-growing missing bone. This can result in an overall improvement of symptoms. Patients may also experience a shorter recovery period compared to surgically replacing bone.

  1. Muscle

Muscle damage causes severe pain and problems with movement. Stem cell therapy can repair the muscle without any major incisions. Healthy cells are injected into the affected muscle tissue. The cells get to work transforming into the tissues needed to help with the regeneration process. Results may be seen within the first weeks following treatment.

  1. Tendons

Tendon damage is the result of general wear and tear. Patients believe that there is no cure for this natural degeneration of tissue. This may not be the case with stem cell therapy. The cells can help strengthen tendons by reversing damage. Recipients can return to their pain-free life without any downtime.

  1. Cartilage

Cartilage is the cushion between two bones. It prevents the painful sensation of bone rubbing together. Cartilage is slow to repair, leaving many patients in pain as it deteriorates. Stem cell therapy can target the damaged cartilage and begin the regeneration process. Mobility of the joint may improve along with a dramatic reduction in pain.

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