Don’t Trust All Stem Cell Centers

Stem cell therapy is a popular treatment, spanning the field of orthopedics and beyond. Injections from a certified orthopedic specialist or chiropractor can treat joint pain, meaning the stem cells are harvested and utilized appropriately. Some stem cell centers aren’t trustworthy, using unapproved methods of gathering and administrating the cells. Here are signs to look out for:

  1. All Patients Accepted

Stem cell therapy is a beneficial treatment method for many patients. That does not mean it is ideal for everyone. An initial consultation is required, eliminating any factors that can cause the treatment to fail. Patients should avoid institutions claiming to automatically accept all patients.

  1. Marketed as a “Cure-All”

Stem cells revolutionized the medical field, allowing new treatments for many illnesses and conditions. Stem cells benefit numerous patients, furthering the belief that it is a “cure-all” treatment. Certain conditions and ailments cannot be treated with stem cells. Patients should be wary of places guaranteeing stem cell therapy as a cure. Only a qualified specialist should determine if stem cell therapy is right for an individual.

  1. Secretive with Information

Accredited stem cell doctors and chiropractors are up-front with their information. Patients should ask where stem cells are harvested from and how the treatment may help them. Withholding this information is indicative of a disreputable center. A trusted doctor or chiropractor will be transparent with many details of the procedure.


Stem cells can allow patients to find relief from orthopedic pain, providing they use a trustworthy stem cell center. Get the most out of your treatment from a renowned orthopedic specialist. Call Dr. Burke Orthopedics at  (713) 436-3488 or visit us at to schedule.

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