What Everyone Must Know About Self-Healing with Regenerative Medicine

What Everyone Must Know About Self-Healing with Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell therapy is rapidly gaining attention for treating many notorious illnesses including arthritis and sports injuries for example. In orthopedics, stem cell therapy works for certain types of arthritis and other joint conditions. Research on stem cell therapy shows that this self-healing treatment has many benefits for patients. in comparison to other forms of treatments, self-healing with regenerative medicine consistently produces better outcomes and long-term recovery.

Regenerative Medicine is Self-Healing

First, understand that stem cell therapy is a branch of regenerative medicine. Orthopedic doctors use stem cells for regeneration in a part of the body that suffers from injury or disease. Stem cell therapy is especially useful in areas of the body that do not receive enough nourishment or suffers from a previous injury. Some forms of stem cell therapy require a donor with compatible cell characteristics. However, stem cells are not difficult to find. Another option for stem cell retrieval is allogenic. Allogenic means that the stem cell donor and recipient are the same person. You can be your own stem cell donor when you choose autologous stem cell therapy. Dr. Burke recommends allogenic stem cell transplant before seeking a donor because there are more risks with a third-party donor. Stem cells from another donor may cause immune reaction and infection, unlike allogenic stem cell retrieval.

Enhance Your Healing with Your Own Stem Cells

Stem cell therapy is simple, yet highly delicate. Self-healing with regenerative medicine comes from many parts of the body including:

• Blood
• Fat tissue
• Bone marrow
• Wisdom teeth
• Amniotic fluid

Every day. regenerative medicine is transforming our perception of incurable diseases. Orthopedic specialists dedicate their lives to research and practices involving stem cell therapy. If patients are eligible to receive stem cell therapy for their orthopedic treatment, do consider this medical advancement. Before embarking on self-healing with regenerative medicine, careful and thorough investigations are done to ensure that the cells will regenerate and repair the weak part of the body. So, harvesting the stem cells is extremely important and orthopedic experience is crucial.

Stem Cell Candidates in Houston, Texas

In sports medicine, stem cell therapy is one of the best treatments for joint injuries. Athletes are especially prone to injuries of the knee joint, hip joint and back. People 50-years-old and above are also at risk for similar injuries. Dr. Burke, is a modern expert in current stem cell therapy development and treatment. Even patients with conditions that were once seen as irreparable by existing treatment methods are given a second chance with stem cell injections and Dr. Burke Orthopedics.

Dr. Robert L. Burke is offering stem cell treatment to Houston, Texas, Pearland, Texas and the surrounding areas. Autologous stem cell therapy only involves a short series of injections. Once these stem cells enter a new part of the body, you will feel pain relief and stronger than ever before.