Choose the Regenerative Power of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells have the power to transform into other cells, potentially eliminating pain associated with degenerative orthopedic conditions. The regenerative power of stem cell therapy provides patients with many benefits. Dr. Burke Orthopedics knows patients want a potentially permanent solution to their joint pain. Choosing stem cell therapy offers the following benefits:

  1. Minimally Invasive

Large incisions are a concern for patients, leading to potential infections and complications. Traditional joint pain treatments require incisions to be made into the body. Stem cell therapy provides patients with an alternative. A series of small injections are utilized, decreasing the risk for complications. The injection site can heal without any additional antibiotics or treatment.

  1. No Downtime

Patients suffering from joint pain feel held back from their favorite activities. The last thing they want is to spend weeks in post-op recovery. Patients choosing stem cell therapy can experience no downtime, meaning they may return to a pain-free routine quickly. Reduced stiffness and an increased range of motion following stem cell treatment can allow patients to bike, run, and swim freely.

  1. All-Natural Treatment

Patients with sensitivities worry about a metal or artificial joint in their body. Stem cell therapy eliminates this concern, providing an all-natural joint pain treatment. Stem cells are harvested from the body and placed into a damaged joint, eliminating the need for any artificial devices.

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Stem cell therapy is a promising alternative to surgery. Its regenerative power can allow patients to get the greatest benefits out of their joint pain treatment. Enjoy a life free from stiff, achy joints. Call Dr. Burke Orthopedics at (713) 436-3488 or visit to schedule a stem cell treatment consultation.

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