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Orthopedic medicine is a specialty that physicians decide to pursue in order to become experts about the human body.  A physician that specializes in orthopedics has knowledge of human anatomy and physiology that is next to none.  Sports medicine is a component of orthopedic care that generally makes up a large percentage of the services provided by an orthopedic and sports medicine clinic.  Dr. Burke’s practice includes an orthopedic sports clinic near Houston.

Whenever a bone is broken, a joint is damaged, or a ligament is torn, etc, an orthopedist will know how to guide you or your child to the best treatment.  This is the case whether the injury is sports-related or not.

Dr. Burke Orthopedics is a Sports Medicine Clinic for All Ages.

Often children are the individuals who experience orthopedic injuries that are caused by participating in sports.  Dr. Burke and his staff of highly trained specialists are wonderful choices when in need of a pediatric sports medicine physician.  Sporting injuries are certainly not limited only to adults.

When treating a child who is not fully developed yet, with immature bones and ligaments, specific individualized care is vital.  Physicians that specialize in pediatric sports medicine take into account the extra care that is needed for not yet fully matured aspects of the human body and how healing after an injury may be different than in an adult.  Children are still growing and need to be treated accordingly.

Rest assured, there are pediatric sports medicine doctors in the Houston area that are fully equipped, educated, and trained in the treatment and management of injuries in children.

Friendly Staff Committed to Patient Care at Dr. Burke Orthopedics

The staff at Dr. Burke’s orthopedic and sports medicine clinic are all dedicated, friendly, and empathetic providers that will make you and your child feel comfortable.  You can put your mind at ease when placing the care of your child in the hands of a pediatric sports medicine physician at Dr. Burke’s practice.

Providing the best patient care is always the top priority when treating anyone that seeks out help for an injury, be it an adult or child.  The professionals that specialize in pediatric sports medicine at this clinic will take the time to consider the best treatment options that will yield the optimal long-term result.  A treatment will not be recommended if your child is not an appropriate candidate for the procedure and the physician is not certain that the ultimate outcome will be optimal after healing has occurred.

When your child is injured, we understand that it is a scary time and you may not know what to do.  When searching for a pediatric sports medicine physician in the Houston area, you can have peace of mind knowing that your child is receiving the best care possible when treated by Dr. Burke or a member of oh team at his orthopedics and sports clinic.

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