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Orthopedic Stem Cell

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Orthopedic stem cell therapy is beneficial for those with joint issues. Stem cells can enable patients to return to their daily routine, eliminating uncomfortable symptoms. Dr. Burke Orthopedics is a leading name in stem cell treatment, enabling our specialists to potentially treat the following issues:


  1. Lack of Cartilage

Cartilage between bones deteriorates over time. Bones rub together as cartilage is lost. This causes painful joint issues, leading patients to believe a joint replacement is the only option. Stem cell therapy can provide an alternative to traditional treatment. Healthy cells repair lost cartilage, preventing bones from rubbing together. This typically eliminates pain and “grinding” sensations.


  1. Tendon Damage

Tendons attach muscles to bone, meaning damage causes orthopedic pain. Issues occur after sudden trauma or extreme overuse. Stem cells possess a unique ability to potentially repair tendons when used correctly. They can reconstruct tears and reduce inflammation, eradicating stiffness, soreness, and intense pain.


  1. Sports Injuries

Athletes are prone to injury, holding them back from their game. A short recovery period following treatment can benefit both amateur and professional athletes. Stem cell therapy can enable athletes to quickly return to sports, minimizing or eliminating downtime. Most patients are able to return to light activity immediately after treatment. Intense activity can be resumed within weeks, helping to prevent athletes from losing skill or muscles mass.


Stem cell treatment can help with many orthopedic issues, providing an alternative to intense and invasive surgery. Patients shouldn’t be held back by joint pain. Call Dr. Burke Orthopedics at (713) 436-3488 or visit to schedule a stem cell therapy consultation.