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Can anyone go straight to an orthopedic sports clinic?

In most cases, the answer to this question is, YES!  It all depends on your insurance.  Some insurance carriers will allow for you to go straight to an orthopedic and sports medicine clinic, but some will not.  Some insurances will require a referral from your Primary Care Physician (PCP) in order to see a specialist.  In most cases however, you will be allowed to skip this step and go straight to an orthopedic and sports injury clinic.  And of course, if you do not happen to have medical insurance and are planning to pay for care on your own, you can go directly to whatever doctor you feel necessary.

Determining if your insurance allows for permission to go straight to an orthopedic physician will generally not be an issue because for the majority of cases, a patient will first make an appointment with their PCP for any kind of unknown pain.  This is of course unless it is a traumatic injury with an obvious need to see an orthopedist.  And in this case, a visit to the emergency room will most likely have been made and if an orthopedic surgeon is consulted, you will already be in the system.

When do you need to go to an orthopedic and sports medicine clinic?  An orthopedic doctor is the specialist that you will need to see when you have a musculoskeletal injury of some kind.  This can be the result of a sports injury or motor vehicle accident, or perhaps when you are in need of a joint replacement.  Orthopedic doctors, particularly an orthopedic surgeon such as Dr. Burke, are experts in human anatomy and injuries, and have studied the mechanics of human bones, muscles, and joints for years and years.

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When choosing an orthopedic sports clinic in Houston, your best option will be to make an appointment with Dr. Burke.  He not only offers same-day appointments, but your concerns about being exposed to COVID-19 can be eased.  Dr. Burke works from a ‘sick-free’ hospital and is strictly for the performance of orthopedic consultations and surgeries.  Sick patients are not treated at this Houston, TX orthopedic sports injury clinic so you can go there without fear of being exposed to COVID-19.

In today’s healthcare climate, you may be understandably apprehensive to make an appointment with a doctor in order to receive help with musculoskeletal pain or injury.  You do not need to live with this pain.  Dr. Burke is continuing to perform scheduled surgeries and non-elective new surgeries at the Texas Orthopedic Hospital.

Delaying treatment for pain or injury, particularly a musculoskeletal injury, will in many cases make the problem worse.  An appointment for a consultation with Dr. Burke at his orthopedic sports clinic in Houston, TX is advised if you are suffering from any kind of pain.  A consultation may be all that you need in order to determine the severity of the injury/cause of the pain and if any further treatment will be necessary.

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