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One common type of sports-related injury that Dr. Burke treats is an ACL tear. A tear to the anterior cruciate ligament can be a full rip or partial injury. Dr. Burke Orthopedics treats any degree of ACL tears. The ACL is a central part of the knee and athletes rely on this ligament heavily. Soccer, football and basketball players can all suffer from an ACL tears that needs special sports medicine and orthopedic care.

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ACL Tear Causes

Since ACL tears are common sports injuries, it is important to know what causes an ACL tear. In general, excessive twisting and pivoting motion in the knee is what causes ACL tears. Other causes of ACL injuries include:

  • A hard impact that crushes your knee or leg
  • The overextension of your knee when kicking or bending
  • Sudden stop and go movement when running, jumping or turning your body
  • Other knee injuries in soccer, basketball, football, volleyball or track and field

If a sports-related knee injury is severe enough, there may be an ACL tear and other problems as well. The other ligaments or bones within the knee are vulnerable to reconstructive trauma, especially for athletes.

ACL Tear Symptoms

If you have a complete or partial ACL tear, you will immediately feel sharp pain in your knee. Any weight on the ACL tear will cause great pain. There are other symptoms of an ACL tear though. You may have an ACL tear or sports-related knee injury if you are experiencing these symptoms:

  • The knee is bright red or pink
  • There is swelling around the knee
  • The knee cannot carry any body weight
  • There is a single audible pop or crack sound from the knee
  • You are unable to stand, walk or put any pressure on the hurt knee

ACL Tear Treatments with Dr. Burke Orthopedics

Dr. Burke specializes in sport medicine treatments and other orthopedic services. So, he can reconstruct the anterior cruciate ligament or treat patients for their knee pain symptoms. There are surgical and nonsurgical options available with Dr. Burke Orthopedics. ACL treatments with Dr. Burke include:

  • Bracing the knee for several weeks
  • Physical therapy that targets the knee after bracing
  • Surgical reconstruction of the ACL with knee arthroscopy