Sports Medicine

Patients receive the latest and most effective diagnostics and treatment available in sports medicine using advanced surgical techniques, many of which were developed by Dr. Burke. He specializes in sports medicine treatments and also takes an active role in preventive medicine, educating the patient on avoiding sports and fitness related injuries. Athletes of any age or type of sport are welcomed at Dr. Burke Orthopedics, therefore exercise injuries or certain work-related injuries are sports medicine as well.

Common sports-related injuries that Dr. Burke treats are:

An athlete’s first appointment typically involves a thorough interview, medical history review and evaluation of the condition using specific tests and diagnostic assessments. Our office includes a convenient MRI and radiology department if further imaging is necessary. Dr. Burke will design orthopedic treatments plans and implement it using the information collected during the initial evaluation.  Sports medicine treatments includes manual therapy, modalities (including ultrasound, phonophoresis, electrical stimulation, heat and ice, etc.), therapeutic or reconstruction exercises and also a home program.

Sports Medicine Rehabilitation

Advances in orthopedic surgery, particularly through arthroscopy, virtually eliminates in-patient treatment and significantly reduces the recovery time for patients. As a result, recovery time after various reconstructive trauma accelerates in other important ways as well. By emphasizing pre-surgery patient education and reducing post-surgery use of casts, splints and crutches, patients have full knowledge of how their recovery plan will progress. Dr. Burke introduces special physical therapy that athletes can utilize post-surgery, but even after healing.

Following sports medicine practices with Dr. Burke Orthopedics, athletes can return to their sport and exercise activities. An active lifestyle helps patients maintain an average body weight as well as strengthen the muscles around the joints. Patients are encouraged to return to their sport with new knowledge about sports-injury prevention and training.