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Like an ACL tear or injury to the ligaments, the cartilage is vulnerable to tearing. One of the most common sports medicine cases at Dr. Burke Orthopedics is a torn meniscus. The meniscus is cartilage in the knee. Many athletes run, jump or move with high intensity. So, sudden jerks with the knee cause literal tears in the meniscus. A torn meniscus causes the knee to lose its stability and suffer from ongoing pain. Patients cannot walk with a torn meniscus. This type of knee pain is like an ACL injury. Hence, Dr. Burke offers a procedure specifically for meniscus tears. This reconstruction surgery is a meniscectomy.

Dr Burke Orthopedics Services - Meniscectomy

Torn Meniscus Repair

For a torn meniscus, Dr. Burke reconstructs the cartilage with orthopedic tools and technology. With this procedure, orthopedic surgeons often use arthroscopy to successfully remove the torn portion of the meniscus. An arthroscope internally examines the meniscus during surgery. Dr. Burke sees inside the knee joint during a meniscectomy. This is extremely helpful in case there are any other damages that an X-ray or MRI did not reveal. For the most successful torn meniscus repair, Dr. Burke orthopedics uses radiology to diagnosis the disorder then arthroscopy to save the cartilage and knee. Without a meniscectomy, the blood flow to the knee is cut off and open to permanent nerve damage.

Meniscectomy with Dr. Burke Orthopedics

To repair the cartilage, save the knee and preserve the patient’s health, Dr. Burke Orthopedics acts quickly. Not only does a lack of blood weaken the joint, but patients experience strong knee pain with a torn meniscus. This is a sudden injury, but common among athletes in soccer, basketball and other sports. After your meniscectomy, Dr. Burke follows up to track your healing and rehabilitation. Light exercises for the knee and physical therapy are the main part of recovery. Our staff provides every patient with their own home program after a meniscectomy with Dr. Burke Orthopedics.