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Fracture Repair

The bones and joints make up our skeletons, but severe trauma leads to fractures and other injuries. For instance, athletes suffer from fractures especially when they play in contact sports like football. Hard impacts and direct hits can fracture any portion of our bones. So, at Dr. Burke Orthopedics, we handle fracture repair with urgency and orthopedic expertise. Not only does fracture repair ease painful symptoms, but our staff prepares the body for safe healing. The bone will slowly heal itself, however, Dr. Burke uses treatment methods that promote pain relief, natural healing and total recovery.

Fracture Repair Surgery

Orthopedic surgeons always recommend casting and nonsurgical treatments before moving forward with fracture repair surgery. Dr. Burke uses X-rays or MRI scans to evaluate his patients and closely examine the fracture. With our on-site radiology department, Dr. Burke sees patients and delivers the results during a single appointment. Especially when dealing with fractures, immediate care is valuable. Any extra stress on the broken bone causes more damage. So, the sooner a patient visits Dr. Burke Orthopedics, it is more likely that the fracture will heal with a cast instead of realignment surgery.

Dr Burke Orthopedics Services - Fracture Repair

Fracture Repair Surgery with Dr. Burke Orthopedics

In cases where the trauma and fracture is more prominent, fracture repair surgery is the next step. Dr. Burke surgically realigns the broken bones so they fit in place with the rest of the joint. Open surgery is one of Dr. Burke’s specialties. He has years of hands-on experience with orthopedic surgery in every joint. Patients will go through surgery prep before the operation. Following the fracture repair, physical therapists will guide patients during rehabilitation. The bones and joint will have a solid structure, but muscle loss around the previous fracture is typical. Dr. Burke Orthopedics is available for fracture repair, sports medicine and additional reconstructive trauma.