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Bone and Tissue Transplantation

In orthopedics, some forms of reconstructive trauma require a bone or tissue transplant. These transplants can be an autograft from the patient’s own body or an allograft from another patient who chooses to donate. Bone and tissue transplants, or grafts, work for many types of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. Depending on the type of transplant, Dr. Burke finds the healthiest option for his patients. The graft adjusts to the body and refills the missing bone or tissue. Tissue transplantations with Dr. Burke Orthopedics work for injuries to the muscles, ligaments or tendons anywhere in the body. In most cases, grafts repair injuries to the back, hips, knees or other joints.

Bone and Tissue Transplantation Surgery

Like stem cell therapy, a bone or tissue graft can come from a patient’s own body. Dr. Burke specializes in orthopedic techniques that benefit patients and produce long-lasting results after surgery. The main goal of bone and tissue transplantations is to give the patient full function and improve their musculoskeletal health. So, Dr. Burke closely monitors his patients following their transplant. The body accepts the graft and starts to repair itself from any previous damages or injuries. We only use the safest and most reliable allografts at Dr. Burke Orthopedics. Patients will get full details of where their bone or tissue transplantation is from.

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Bone and Tissue Transplantation Surgery with Dr. Burke Orthopedics

When visiting Dr. Burke for sports medicine or general orthopedics, he carefully evaluates each patient and explains their treatment options. Reconstructive trauma includes various procedures like bone and tissue transplantation. Allografts and autografts also take part in other operations at Dr. Burke Orthopedics. For example, during surgeries like spinal fusion, bone transplantations connect one vertebrae to another. Hence, bone and tissue transplants are valuable treatment options for several orthopedic conditions.