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Bicep Repair

The biceps are muscles that cover the top part of the arm. Biceps cover the arm while stretching from the shoulder down to the elbow. There are tendons that hold the bicep muscles to the bones as well. During sports, patients can injure their muscles and tendons from overuse or lifting heavy objects. Like other sports-related injuries, the tendons near the bicep tear fully or partially. So, when Dr. Burke recommends treatment for bicep injuries, he identifies if there is a partial or complete tear. Complete tears regularly need bicep repair surgery while partial tears heal with physical therapy and rest.

Bicep Repair Surgery

Dr. Burke uses bicep repair surgery when he finds that there is a complete tear in the tendon and natural healing is unlikely. So, for this procedure, Dr. Burke reattaches the bicep tendon to bone near the shoulder or elbow. There are small incisions for this form of reconstructive trauma on both sides of the arm. Since the tendon tears apart from the bone, Dr. Burke surgically repairs this connection. Occasionally, Dr. Burke will insert short metal rods that hold the tendon back in place with the muscle and bone. Metal pins are not necessary for every procedure; however, they are an option for severe cases.

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Bicep Repair Surgery with Dr. Burke Orthopedics

A strong force that weakens the tissue is what causes the tendon rupture and bicep injury. So, this type of muscle injury is common when lifting weights or even on-the-job. Patients who regularly lift large objects during work are prone to tendon ruptures, sprains and other orthopedic injuries. After bicep repair surgery with Dr. Burke Orthopedics, patients regain their range of motion in the shoulder or elbow. Physical therapy helps patients rebuild the missing strength in their arm and adjust after reconstructive surgery. The patient will wear a lightweight sling while the arm fully recovers.