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ACL Reconstruction

With an anterior cruciate ligament tear, there are nonsurgical treatment options. Bracing and physical therapy can heal the ACL if it is a partial tear. However, many ACL injuries for athletes result in a complete tear. So, Dr. Burke recommends ACL reconstruction when there is severe damage to the ligament. Athletes looking to return to their sport often choose ACL reconstruction. The knee heals and recovers faster with surgical aid and professional sports medicine. For ACL reconstruction, Dr. Burke uses knee arthroscopy.

ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Dr. Burke reconstructs the ACL with knee arthroscopy and other sports medicine techniques. Since there is usually a full tear in this type of knee injury, the goal of surgery is to rebuild the ACL with a tendon graft from another part of the body. Before surgery, Dr. Burke reviews the procedure with the patient and their family. Arthroscopy involves a small incision and little to no blood loss. Many advances in orthopedics allows Dr. Burke to use technology that helps the patient and surgeon. Knee arthroscopy is an example of technology involvement with surgery and how this benefits the patient. The arthroscope gives Dr. Burke a closer look while repairing and rebuilding the ACL.

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ACL Reconstruction Surgery with Dr. Burke Orthopedics

Depending on a patient’s lifestyle and goals, ACL reconstruction surgery could be the right option for their knee injury. With surgical reconstruction from Dr. Burke Orthopedics, the ACL is more likely to heal and regain its strength. The anterior cruciate ligament is partly responsible for holding the knee together. So, with ACL reconstruction, patients will have more stability and less knee pain after their sports-related injury or hard fall. Since the arthroscope is so small, this saves patients from major scarring and post-surgery pain. Contact Dr. Burke Orthopedics for more details about ACL reconstruction and our sports medicine department.