reconstructive trauma surgery
reconstructive trauma


Orthopedics exists to repair and heal the countless conditions that affect our joints. Dr. Burke understands the complexity of orthopedic care so through research and experience, he has become a specialist in several forms of reconstructive surgery. His orthopedic surgery provides treatment for debilitating musculoskeletal disorders, such as sports or strain-related injuries of the knee, shoulder, hip, hand or other joints, bone fractures, trauma, joint diseases and injuries, and spinal injuries. In fact, Dr. Burke offers all the following reconstructive trauma for his patients:

ACL Reconstruction

Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction can be performed by using the patient’s own tissue during surgery. Patients who wish to return to sports and high-energy activities are recommended to undergo ACL reconstruction surgery with Dr. Burke. (Read more)


This outpatient procedure improves surgery performance since a small camera looks inside any of the joints and assists during the arthroscopy. Dr. Burke and his surgery assistants can see the inside of the joint on a monitor with full 3D details of the orthopedic injury or disease. (Read more)

Bicep Repair

Reconstructive surgery for a bicep repair focuses on tearing either in the elbow or shoulder. The bicep can tear partially or completely if the cause of injury is strong enough to rip through tendons. Dr. Burke performs surgical reconstruction for bicep repair with small incisions near the tear. (Read more)

Bone & Tissue Transplant

For some orthopedic conditions, Dr. Burke recommends bone and tissue transplantation, or an autograft. This reconstructive procedure uses a patient’s own bone or tissue cells to repair their injury or disorder. (Read more)

Bunion Surgery

Bunion surgery with Dr. Burke Orthopedics helps patients with foot pain relief. Over time, bunions become painful as they over grow and add more pressure to the foot. Bunion surgery reconstructs the shape of the foot and angle of the big toe. (Read more)

Carpal Tunnel Release

Carpal tunnel release is an orthopedic operation where Dr. Burke treats patients suffering from carpal tunnel symptoms. He cuts and releases the ligament in the wrist responsible for carpal tunnel syndrome. This small cut relieves pain that patients once felt in their hands and wrists. (Read more)

Fracture Repair

A fracture should be addressed as soon as possible with Dr. Burke Orthopedics. Depending on which bones are broken, surgery for the fracture may be necessary. However, there are nonsurgical options available as well for a fracture repair. (Read more)


A meniscectomy is a specific procedure for patients with a torn meniscus in their knee. Dr. Burke removes a portion of the meniscus or all of it so the patient can begin to heal. For this reconstructive trauma surgery, an arthroscopy is also a treatment option. (Read more)


For an osteotomy, Dr. Burke cuts through a portion of bone to provide patients with pain relief. Part of a bone can cause chronic pain for the entire joint. So, Dr. Burke identifies which bone is causing the most pain then cuts away this part of the joint. (Read more)

Partial Joint Replacement

The operation itself is a minimally invasive surgery with minor incisions and little to no scarring. The portion of the joint with the most bone damage receives artificial surfaces with robotic assistance. Patients only have the option for partial joint replacement during a certain time frame. (Read more)

Rotator Cuff Repair

The rotator cuff tears after a sudden injury to the shoulder. Rotator cuff repair involves cleaning this area then reattaching the shoulder tendons. Dr. Burke usually performs rotator cuff repair with the help of an arthroscope. (Read more)

Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusion is reconstruction trauma surgery for vertebrae that make up the backbone. Dr. Burke will fuse two or more vertebrae together so they form a single disc in the spine. Spinal fusion works when patients experience back pain while moving or from certain orthopedic disorders. (Read more)

Total Joint Replacement

The entire joint receives an artificial replacement. The most common reason for performing a total joint replacement is to relieve the pain and disability caused by chronic arthritis. Patients can achieve pain relief even for the most devastating orthopedic conditions. (Read more)

Trigger Finger Release

Trigger finger release surgery is reconstruction trauma that focuses on the tendons within the finger. A small cut creates more room for the tendons to move about in the finger which stops any previous catching or locking that the patient felt before. (Read more)