Dr. Burke Orthopedics provides our patients with complete orthopedic care. Our facility handles your diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. After any sports injury or orthopedic trauma, this condition takes a toll on your body. So, Dr. Burke works with his patients so there is a full plan from start to finish. Orthopedic specialists like Dr. Burke understand what the joints, bones, and muscles need to fully recover. Our physical therapy(PT) services benefit patients throughout their recovery. Before any treatment takes place, patients should schedule physical therapy appointments with a physical therapist that will work with their schedule.

Physical Therapy Benefits

PT routines match your condition, procedure, and recovery. Patients grow during every session and their bodies get stronger. Whether it is learning to live with an artificial joint or completely relearning how to walk, our physical therapist can help. Because we know not everyone heals the same way, Dr. Burke Orthopedics has physical therapy options for all our patients. In addition to the expert assistance from Dr. Burke, patients will have many benefits from physical therapy:

  • Pain relief
  • Flexibility
  • Natural healing
  • Strength building
  • Professional support
  • Drug-free treatment
  • Nonsurgical treatment
Physical Therapist Providing Physical Therapy, Dr. Burke Orthopedics

Dr. Burke’s therapeutic exercises focus on the patient’s healing. Physical therapy is an alternative option for reconstructive trauma or joint replacement. However, PT requires dedication and time. So, consider PT appointments with Dr. Burke Orthopedics if you are experiencing arthritis pain or sports-related injuries.

As a result, our patients will see an improvement in their joint health and level of pain. Therapeutic exercises start small and the intensity increases over time. Some exercises increase flexibility, relieve pain and build strength at the same time. Dr. Burke communicates with his patients and tracks their progress throughout recovery. Patients can even use these physical therapy exercises for an at home program. Dr. Burke Orthopedics has locations in Houston, Texas and Pearland, Texas where patients can schedule their appointment today. We are always seeing new patients, either with or without referrals.