Dr. Burke Orthopedics has some of the most advanced radiology techniques available for his patients. In orthopedics, severe conditions and disorders need further diagnosing. Special radiology scans take a deeper look at the musculoskeletal system so Dr. Burke can recommend the most beneficial treatment depending on the results. A physical examination shows some symptoms of specific orthopedic conditions, but technological imaging reveals the exact location and problem within the body. Dr. Burke Orthopedics offers a same-day appointment and diagnosis in Houston and Pearland, Texas. Patients get professional answers the same day they visit their orthopedic doctor.


Our facility includes several orthopedic services, including MRI scans. An MRI is a form of X-rays that uses magnetic resonance imaging to scan patients for various types of disorders. Dr. Burke Orthopedics has in-house MRI technology so patients receive the results and information they need all in one appointment. MRI scans show detail so this guides many orthopedic specialists when making their diagnosis. In addition to MRI testing, Dr. Burke will review your previous medical history and go through a few physical tests. An orthopedic doctor can see certain symptoms from the surface, but an MRI will confirm any diagnosis. Patients can keep their MRI results for personal records as well.


Radiology with Dr. Burke Orthopedics is an in-house service that our staff handles with great care. MRI scans and radiology in general uses the least amount of radiation than other forms of X-rays. These fast imaging tests are noninvasive and guide orthopedic professionals when caring for their patients. Dr. Burke recommends radiology testing for his patients when he believes there is more to their diagnosis. So, radiology benefits patients suffering with bone fractures, joint dislocations and more orthopedic injuries. Patients go under these scans with help from Dr. Burke and his staff. They receive their result that same day with a full explanation from Dr. Burke himself. With MRIs and radiology patients further understand what is going on with their body and how Dr. Burke Orthopedics can help.