Orthopedics involves the muscles, bones, cartilage, ligaments and other tissues, but these materials compose the various joints within our bodies. Dr. Burke’s services are to improve function in addition to eliminate pain for any of the joints. One form of treatment that Dr. Burke Orthopedics offers is joint replacement or arthroplasty. This reconstructive procedure comes in two forms: total replacement and partial replacement. Both forms of arthroplasty have a single goal, which is enhancing the patient’s range-of-motion without painful symptoms. Dr. Burke recommends total joint replacement only when the specific joint is beyond a point of repair. If the joint has some functionality, partial joint replacement is usually a better option.

joint replacement model


Dr. Burke specializes in joint replacement for three of the largest and most complex joints which are the hip, knee and shoulder. Since patients require joint replacement surgery for numerous reasons, Dr. Burke diagnoses the joint with physical examinations as well as radiology scans before finalizing any treatment plans. Orthopedic treatments are advancing every day so having the most up-to-date information and technology has a dramatic effect on our patients’ health.

Partial Joint Replacement

Patients only have the option for partial joint replacement during a certain time frame. So, if patients visit Dr. Burke Orthopedics for an early diagnosis, they have more treatments available for their condition which includes partial joint replacement. The operation itself is a minimally invasive surgery with minor incisions and little to no scarring. The portion of the joint with the most bone damage receives artificial surfaces with robotic assistance. Some orthopedic surgeons recognize this procedure as partial joint resurfacing due to the new surfaces that replace the former bones.

Dr. Burke performs the following forms of partial arthroplasty:

  • Hip – Partial Replacement
  • Knee – Partial Replacement
  • Shoulder – Partial Replacement

Total Joint Replacement

After years of joint pain or even a sudden, yet severe injury, total joint replacement is a reconstructive surgery that Dr. Burke utilizes at his practices. This arthroplasty is like partial replacement; however, the entire joint receives an artificial replacement. The most common reason for performing a total joint replacement is to relieve the pain and disability caused by chronic arthritis. With their new joint from Dr. Burke Orthopedics and physical therapy sessions, patients regain strength and mobility then return to a normal, active lifestyle.

Patients can achieve pain relief even for the most devastating orthopedic conditions with the following procedures from Dr. Burke Orthopedics:

  • Hip – Total Replacement
  • Knee – Total Replacement
  • Shoulder – Total Replacement