Dislocated Patella Treatments- Surgery, Recovery and Pain Relief

What can I do to treat my dislocated patella?

With a patella dislocation, patients are struck with chronic knee pain and the knee is limited in motion. The main patella dislocation treatments that patients can take advantage of from home are simply resting and relaxing the knee. There should be no use of the hurt knee and instead, patients can:

  • Place the injured knee in a knee brace or splint
  • Keep the knee as still as possible and free of any pressure
  • Engage in light exercises once the knee rests for several weeks

Even though resting the kneecap and splinting the knee may work for some dislocated patella treatments, there are some kneecap dislocations that will need medical attention. With the right amount of the rest and light exercise, the kneecap should heal itself. If the knee is still weak or deformed after several weeks, see an orthopedic physician who can better care for the knee injury with specific patella dislocation treatments.

What if I need further treatment for my patella dislocation?

Dislocated patella pain relief requires several weeks or months to heal on its own. Patients may choose to wait for the ligaments around the kneecap to repair themselves. If the knee is still suffering from chronic pain after months of rest, it is important to see a doctor who specializes in orthopedic care. An orthopedic specialist may recommend one of the following dislocated patella treatments:

  • Rehabilitation or physical therapy routines
  • Open knee surgery to repair ligament tears
  • Arthroscopic knee surgery to reconstruct tissue around the knee
  • Tibial tubercle osteotomy to realign bones and tendons

Treatment options for kneecap dislocations range from rest, physical therapy and dislocated patella surgery. The severity of the patella dislocation will help your orthopedic surgeon decide which for of treatment will work best. The goal of each treatment is to heal the ligaments so the patella returns to its normal placement within the knee joint.

How do I recover after a patella dislocation?

After the ligaments fully heal and the patella bone returns to the appropriate position, patients can participate in sports and other physical activities. To avoid future injuries to the kneecap, patients may choose to wear a knee brace while exercising for dislocated patella pain relief. Also, patients should wear knee pads when playing contact sports. Remember to gradually test the knee after dislocated patella surgery and rehabilitation. The knee should regain its strength to perform full functioning.