Loose Bodies Treatments- Removal, Recovery and Pain Relief

What can I do to treat loose bodies?

When it comes to loose bodies in the knee, the broken piece should be removed. The chronic knee pain can be masked by at home loose bodies treatments though. If you are experiencing chronic knee pain from loose bodies, try the following remedies to help with your symptoms:

  • Ice the aching knee to reduce swelling
  • Avoid staircases or other activity that requires use of the knee
  • Stretch the knee joint over time to build flexibility

Loose bodies removal is the only cure for this knee condition. The piece of broken bone or cartilage will not disappear on its own. An orthopedic surgeon can identify loose bodies and remove the substance that is causing chronic knee pain.

What if I need further treatment for loose bodies?

Loose bodies can even occur from tiny chips or broken pieces of bone. The first thing your orthopedic physician will do is use an x-ray or imaging test to find the loose piece. The orthopedic surgeon will also be able to treat any symptoms associated with your chronic knee pain condition. Loose bodies treatments for the knee joint include:

  • Loose bodies removal through arthroscopy
  • NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)

Before arthroscopically removing the small fragment, patients can take NSAIDs to reduce swelling and chronic knee pain. Your orthopedic surgeon will schedule an appointment for the knee arthroscopy. With this treatment, a small camera goes inside the knee joint to search for the loose knee bone or cartilage.

How do I recover after loose bodies?

Once the broken substance is removed from the knee joint, patients should begin to feel relief during loose bodies recovery. The small piece that was causing chronic knee pain will be completely gone from the body. Swelling should go down and internal movement of the knee will disappear. Patients will be able to return to their physical activity without the “rock in your shoe” feeling. Any incisions made for knee arthroscopy will be small with little scarring after the loose bodies recovery if any.