Loose Bodies- Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

What is loose bodies?

Loose bodies is a condition that results when a part of the knee joint is broken and loose within the body. The broken piece within the knee joint can be cartilage, bone or some other substance that causes chronic knee pain. Patients can feel a small grinding or rough feeling somewhere in the knee that is painful and bothersome.

What causes loose bodies?

The loose bodies diagnosis occurs when a piece of cartilage or bone breaks. The loose bodies symptoms are more comparable to a chipped piece of bone instead of a broken bone injury. For example, if a portion of the patella or kneecap becomes loose and eventually chips off that is a form of loose bodies knee pain. Loose bodies is usually caused by:

  • A hard hit to the knee
  • Normal wear and tear over time
  • Benign tumors that put excessive stress on the knee

Anything that puts enough pressure on the knee joint so that some piece within the joint breaks, is a cause of loose bodies knee pain.

How do I know if I have loose bodies?

Not only will patients experience chronic knee pain from loose bodies symptoms, but they will be able to feel this loose piece of bone or cartilage. At first, the loose piece may not be painful. It may be more frustrating to patients because of the “rock in your shoe” feeling and other symptoms like:

  • Chronic knee pain
  • Swelling in the knee
  • Constant feeling of movement within the knee joint
  • Knee locking when trying to walk or stand up

How do I prevent loose bodies?

Since the loose bodies diagnosis is a piece of the knee joint breaking off, it is important to protect your knees and strengthen them. Chronic knee pain can occur any time an excessive amount of pressure is placed on the knee. Prevent any tears and breaks of the knee with:

  • Exercise that strengthens muscles around the knee
  • A well-balanced diet to strengthen bones
  • Protective knee pads and gear for athletes