Limb Malalignment Treatments- Therapy, Recovery and Relief

How do I treat my limb malalignment?

Patients who are born with a limb malalignment are unable to prevent this chronic knee pain condition. If a lower limb malalignment is seen in your child, address the problem early on. Treating a limb malalignment as soon as possible will help your child grow properly with the right leg and knee alignment. Treatment you can do early on include:

  • Resting or icing any inflammation in the knees
  • Limiting activity that requires bending of the knees (staircases, running, etc.)
  • Wearing a knee brace that will direct the knees in the appropriate direction

Limb malalignments that are causing a great amount of chronic knee pain should consult an orthopedic specialist. Especially with children, an orthopedic doctor can correct the malalignment of the legs and knees before it becomes a permanent condition. An orthopedic doctor can guide patients through limb malalignment recovery.

What if I need further treatment for my limb malalignment?

If the limb malalignment has progressed and is causing chronic knee pain, further limb malalignment treatments will be necessary with an orthopedic specialist. If the limb malalignment is in a younger patient, consult an orthopedic doctor who works with children as well. Your orthopedic physician will examine the knee joints through x-rays and test the patient’s range of motion. Possible treatments for a varus or valgus limb malalignment are:

  • Breaking and realigning tibia or femur bones
  • Aligning the legs with metal rods, screws or plates
  • Framing the limb with the Ilizarov method

The goal of these limb malalignment treatments is to correct the shape and alignment of the bones and joints. When the orthopedic surgeon breaks the inward facing or outward facing bones, they can align the legs and knees in a straight-forward direction. Metal rods or Ilizarov frames can shape the knee bones and knee joints gradually over time for maximum limb malalignment recovery.

How do I recover after limb malalignment?

The knee bones and knee joints will be realigned to face forward with limb malalignment pain relief. Movements like walking, or any bending of the knees, may initially feel unnatural for the patient. Adjustments to the new limb position will develop gradually. More movement and physical therapy will strengthen the patient’s legs and knees. The appropriate forward position will also become a normal feeling for the patient with this limb malalignment pain relief.