Knee Tendon Rupture Treatments- Surgery, Therapy and Recovery

How can I treat my knee tendon rupture?

If it is too late to prevent tendon ruptures of the patella or quadriceps, there are some knee tendon rupture treatments. The tendons must be repaired to give the knee its normal appearance and function. From home, you can treat a partial tendon rupture with:

  • Weeks of rest for the knee in pain
  • A knee brace that keeps the joint completely still
  • Crutches that help keep any pressure off the hurt knee

These methods can work for minor or partial knee tendon rupture pain relief. Treatment at home can take weeks or even months to heal the knee. An orthopedic physician can properly examine the joint and tendons in question. More advanced treatment may be needed depending on the severity of the tendon rupture.

What if I need further treatment for my tendon rupture?

A sports medicine specialist or orthopedic surgeon can help patients who may be suffering from a patella tendon rupture or quadriceps tendon rupture. For the knee tendons that completely tear or burst, special orthopedic care is necessary for knee tendon rupture surgery. Treatments for tendon ruptures of the knee include:

  • Surgical repair of tendon tears
  • Surgical reconstruction for severe tendon ruptures

Tendon ruptures of the patella and quadriceps commonly require knee surgery because these tendons are so important to the functioning of the knee. The orthopedic surgeon will reattach the tendons with repair or reconstruction through knee tendon rupture surgery. Orthopedic surgeons want to preserve any connection that may remain between knee muscles and bones. If patients wait longer to undergo knee surgery, the tendon and connection within the knee joint may worsen. Any attempt to use the hurt knee can result in more damage.

How do I recover after a knee tendon rupture?

Before knee surgery even takes place, your orthopedic physician or physical therapist will design a plan for your knee tendon rupture treatments and recovery. The patient will need to practice bending the knee and walking again. The knee may lose some of its strength during the time of injury and surgery. Physical therapy recovery will rebuild strength in the knee joint and any former tendon ruptures. The entire recovery process for knee tendon rupture pain relief ranges from six months to one year.