Knee Fracture Treatments- Surgery, Relief and Recovery

What can I do to treat my fractured knee?

A knee fracture will cause the patient chronic knee pain. For immediate treatment options, try to keep the hurt knee as still as possible and avoid any weight being put on the knee fracture. Ways that you can immediately care for the knee fracture at home include:

  • Wearing a brace or cast to keep the knee still
  • Using crutches so there is no weight on the knee fracture
  • Limiting activity and allowing the knee bones to rest

A knee fracture will need time to heal. In some cases, the knee fracture may be so severe that it will not heal on its own or it will heal with permanent deformities. It is always recommended to consult an orthopedic physician when a knee fracture occurs. An orthopedic specialist can identify which bone is broken and how to properly treat it.

What if I need further treatment for my knee fracture?

With an orthopedic specialist, the doctor can examine the hurt knee with x-rays and other imaging tactics. An x-ray exam will highlight which bone or bones are broken. A knee fracture should be addressed as soon as possible with your orthopedic physician who may recommend the following treatments:

  • Casts or splints for 6 to 8 weeks
  • Physical therapy sessions
  • Surgery to realign any dislocated bones

Depending on which bones are broken, knee fracture surgery may be necessary. An orthopedic surgeon will identify the broken bones and any malalignment from this knee injury. A cast and physical therapy afterward can heal minor knee fractures. When the knee bones are dislocated and move out of place, surgery will be recommended for fractured knee pain relief..

How do I recover after a knee fracture?

If your orthopedic specialist places the knee fracture in a cast, there will be physical therapy sessions afterward. The rehabilitation setup with your doctor and physical therapist will start with light exercise and result in full functioning of the knee joint. If you undergo knee fracture surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation will also be recommended, but at a much later time. After surgery, a fracture will not need a cast. With fractured knee pain relief, the knee will soon be able to carry weight and move within its normal range of motion.