Knee Fracture- Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

What is a knee fracture?

A knee fracture occurs anytime one of the four knee bones break. A fracture means there is a broken bone, but when referring to the knee, it is called a fracture. Knee fractures can break different bones and each bone can break differently. Like another broken bone anywhere in the body, knee fractures come with chronic pain.

What causes knee fractures?

Knee fractures are broken bones in the knee. So, anything that can lead to a broken knee bone is a cause of knee fractures. Chronic knee pain and fractures are often seen in athletes, especially those in contact sports like football or soccer. Other causes of a fractured knee include:

  • Hard and repeated falls to the knees
  • Strong and direct hits to the knee joint
  • Injuries to other bones and muscles around the knee

A fractured knee can be a minor injury to the bones or a total break. The specific cause of the knee fracture will determine what kind of break or injury affects the knee bones.

How do I know if I have a knee fracture?

Whenever there is a broken bone in the body, there will be chronic pain. Knee fractures are no different. There will be painful aching within the knee joint after a fracture. Some patients can pinpoint the exact moment when the bone breaks. Other symptoms of a knee fracture can look like:

  • Bruising around the knee
  • Instant swelling around the knee joint
  • The knee joint cannot stay straight
  • No amount of pressure can be set on the hurt knee
  • Numbness of the foot that is on the same leg

How do I prevent knee fractures?

The knee joint consists of four bones. These bones are the femur, proximal tibia, proximal fibula and patella. If any of these knee bones are injured, there is a knee fracture. Protecting the knee bones is the ultimate way to prevent fractures or broken bones. Some ways to protect your knees and prevent fractures are:

  • Wearing knee pads during contact sports
  • Building strength in the knees with exercise
  • Losing weight to relieve unnecessary pressure on the knees
  • Care for other conditions that may affect the knee joint