Dislocated Knee Treatments- Surgery, Relief and Recovery

What can I do to treat my dislocated knee?

An injury to two or more knee ligaments can overwhelm patients with pain. In many cases, this injury is severe and treated in an emergency room setting. If you experience a knee dislocation, it is important to find help and treat your knee by:

  • Caring for the injury immediately without hesitation
  • Keeping the knee completely straight and still
  • Placing the knee in a splint so there is no movement

Multiligament injuries are a chronic knee pain condition. Not only is there major pain in the knee joint, but if it is not repaired with knee dislocation treatments, there could be further nerve damage and irreversible side effects of this condition. Consult an orthopedic surgeon who can quickly repair the torn ligaments with dislocated knee treatments. A certified orthopedic physician can treat the knee injury in a timely manner.

What if I need further treatment for my knee dislocation?

Further treatment of knee dislocations is common for patients who suffer from this chronic knee injury . Treatment with an orthopedic surgeon will focus on saving the ligaments so there is no permanent nerve damage in the knee joint. The two or more ligament tears in the knee may be treated with orthopedic care such as:

  • Surgical repair
  • Surgical reconstruction
  • A series of surgical repair and reconstruction

When two or more ligaments tear within the knee joint, it is difficult for the body to naturally heal itself. This type of chronic knee pain condition is more severe. So, orthopedic surgeons must use precision and give close attention to any nerve or vascular injury with dislocated knee surgery.

How do I recover after a knee dislocation?

After surgery for a multiligament tear or knee dislocation, the knee will be completely rebuilt. The knee will need time to recover from surgery before walking or applying any pressure. Patients can use crutches to move around, but the knee should not bend in any way. Recovery from a knee dislocation injury is usually six weeks along with dislocated knee pain relief. There will also be follow up appoints with your orthopedic doctor to track progress and strength of the knee joint.