Juvenile Knee Arthritis Treatments

What can I do to treat my child’s juvenile arthritis?

For children who suffer from knee arthritis, the symptoms may be extremely painful. Younger patients have smaller bodies and bones that do not have much protection from arthritis pain. Parents can help children with their juvenile knee arthritis and the chronic pain symptoms. JA patients benefit from home treatment that helps with knee pain problems. Home treatments like:

  • Over-the-counter medications that help with pain
  • Stretching to relieve stiffness and tight knees
  • Taking daily vitamins to improve the immune system

Home treatments can help children after their juvenile knee arthritis diagnosis. An orthopedic physician can recommend JA treatments that help children depending on their age, symptoms and condition. Do not try to treat juvenile knee arthritis without a proper diagnosis. Parents may not understand the severity of this chronic pain disease.

What if my child needs further treatment for juvenile knee arthritis?

Usually, children will need further help for their juvenile arthritis knee pain. Professional care can also help ensure that children are developing properly after their diagnosis. Chronic knee arthritis may cause uneven growth in a child’s legs if the condition goes without treatment. Further treatment for juvenile knee arthritis includes:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs to treat swollen knees
  • Physical therapy sessions to target the knees and promote healthy growth
  • Wearing a brace to protect and support the knee

An orthopedic specialist with pediatric experience can help arthritis patients at any age. A combination of these treatments can help with juvenile arthritis symptoms. Orthopedic doctors and physical therapists work with children so their bodies can heal, but continue to grow and develop.

How can my child recover from juvenile knee arthritis?

With the right care and treatment, children with juvenile arthritis can go into remission for this chronic pain condition. This orthopedic disorder affects children younger than 16-years-old so it is possible for the patient to mature without arthritis pain. Physical therapy will help a child regain full range of motion in the knees. Consult an orthopedic expert when it comes to juvenile knee arthritis or any form of childhood arthritis.