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Bunion Surgery

A bunion is a deformity that affects the inner portion of our feet toward the big toe. This deformity causes foot pain and pressure for patients, especially when walking or standing. Dr. Burke Orthopedics offers bunion surgery to provide our patients with foot pain relief. However, there are several types of bunion surgeries so, we recommend visiting Dr. Burke for a same-day appointment and diagnosis. Dr. Burke diagnoses your foot pain and outlines which type of reconstructive trauma best suits your needs. The goal for each bunion procedure is the same at Dr. Burke Orthopedics: Relieve foot pain and restore normal function to the feet.

Bunion Surgery Options

Since there are multiple options for your bunion pain, Dr. Burke explains each surgery and its benefits. For example, there is bunion removal, or bunionectomy, where Dr. Burke surgically removes the bunion from the foot. There is also an osteotomy that relieves foot pain by realigning the big toe and the surrounding ligaments. The size of the bunion and your previous medical history helps Dr. Burke when recommending a treatment. He may choose a combination of these procedure or something entirely different that better fits your condition.

Bunion Surgery with Dr. Burke Orthopedics

Without bunion surgery, patients see the direction of their foot change over time. Their level of foot pain also increases since the bunion adds more pressure to the bones and joints. Often, Dr. Burke diagnoses bunion pain when patients suffer from stiffness in the feet, a change in shoe size or ongoing foot pain symptoms. After their osteotomy or bunion removal, patients will wear a bandage that covers the foot. Dr. Burke provides patients with special boots or shoe wear that protect the foot as well. Without the excessive pressure from bunions, walking and standing will be pain free and the foot will regain its original size and shape.

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