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Orthopedic Hip Specialist

Dr. Robert L. Burke is an award-winning orthopedic physician that saves patients every day from chronic hip pain. His orthopedic work serves patients of all ages and walks of life. Dr. Burke utilizes years of hands-on experience with the latest technology and treatments to heal patients suffering from severe joint pain. His specialties include both surgical and nonsurgical treatments. So, if patients feel an initial burning in their hip or if they feel ongoing pins and needles, Dr. Burke is available to treat both.

With or without a referral, Dr. Burke Orthopedics welcomes same day appointments. Patients can schedule a consultation, come in for the appointment and receive a diagnosis all within the same day. There are many solutions to hip pain or any other chronic disorder. Popular treatments that patients undergo with Dr. Burke are partial hip replacement, total hip replacement, robotic-assisted surgery and stem cell therapy. These treatments as well as other options are always available depending on a patient’s diagnosis.

Rated #1 Orthopedic Doctor By Living Magazine

Without the hips, patients experience many limitations. Simple movements like walking, standing or even sitting down are impossible when the hips suffer from endless pain. Dr. Burke understands the complexity of every joint and the musculoskeletal system so patients can trust that they receive the highest quality of treatment. In both Pearland, Texas and Houston, Texas, Dr. Burke Orthopedics is accepting new patients for any level of hip pain or problems such as:

Treatments are unique to each patient at Dr. Burke Orthopedics. For example, athletes need specific sports medicine techniques for their full healing and recovery. Chronic hip pain is a devastating orthopedic condition, but robotic assistance from the Navio surgical system and Blue Belt Technologies can revive a patient’s lifestyle. There is more to hip pain than occasional snapping or swelling. Address these symptoms and the overall condition that is limiting your life.

Dr. Burke is a highly recognizable physician in the Houston, Texas community. Living Magazine ranks Dr. Burke Orthopedics as a top practice for orthopedic services. Every day you wait to treat your hip pain, is a missed opportunity to get your life back. Do not let chronic pain rule your life. Visit Dr. Burke for pain relief in the hip and every joint in the body.

If you need further assistance with chronic hip pain call Dr. Burke Orthopedics for a same day appointment and same day diagnosis.

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