Hand & Wrist Pain

Pain in the hand and wrist is not always caused by underlying diseases or issues. Most wrist pain is commonly caused by a strain or sprain, strenuous activity, or overuse. With proper care and rest, pain in the wrist should subside within a few days. Activities like tennis, golf and other high repetitive motion activities cause stress to the wrist and can be the main causes of wrist pain in most individuals. Persistent pain that does not subside after a few days of appropriate care can mean there is an issue that may need to be evaluated for immediate orthopedic care.

What Can Cause Hand and Wrist Pain

Hand and Wrist pain is commonly caused by strenuous repetitive motion exercise or activity and goes away with rest and proper self-care. Pain lasting longer than a few days combined with other symptoms, such as weakness in hand, inability to move hand and/or wrist, or piercing pain signals there may be a larger underlying orthopedic issue. Some conditions that could be the cause of hand and/or wrist pain may include, but are not limited to:

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How to Help Wrist Pain

Chronic wrist pain that is unmanageable and does not subside after adequate rest and attention to the area may signal the presence of a larger issue requiring the need to seek professional orthopedic care. To schedule a consultation with one of the best orthopedic physicians in Houston, Texas, get in contact with Dr. Burke Orthopedics. To help manage persistent pain after scheduling your appointment or while awaiting treatment, try these at-home pain relief tips for wrist pain:

● Rest and elevate hand and/or wrist
● Apply an ice pack
● Apply a heating pad or take a warm shower
● Avoid overuse
● Wear a compression glove or wrap

Always remember, at-home treatment can only provide so much relief and should not be a substitute professional medical care. If you feel your hand and/or wrist pain is serious or remains for a prolonged period of time and may be paired with other symptoms, consult Dr. Burke Orthopedics to find the right orthopedic treatment and relief.

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