Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common symptom that affects people of all ages. As we age, consequently, chronic knee pain becomes more of a daily battle and it grows into a chronic condition. Not all knee pain is the same. Knee pain hurts, but in what way? Do your knees hurt when walking, bending, or going up stairs? Are your knees swelling, stiff, red, numb, or popping and locking with pain? There are several knee problems and painful conditions. It is important to identify the cause of your knee pain before seeking treatment.

Knee Conditions | What Your Knee Pain Could Mean

Depending on your age, weight and level of activity, chronic knee pain can be traced back to certain causes. For example, athletes and former athletes are more prone to knee pain than a non-athlete. Injuries on the field can come back and hurt your knees later. Even if you do not experience a sports-related injury, the overuse of this joint can lead to chronic knee pain problems.

There are a variety of knee conditions and diseases that could be the cause of knee pain. The cause of this pain could be and are not limited to:

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What to Do for Chronic Knee Pain

If you are currently suffering from chronic knee pain and are looking for at-home treatment, try some of this knee pain advice. These treatments are quick and easy things you can do at home when your knee problems may be swelling, burning, or aching. At-home treatments include:

● Icing your knee while resting at home.
● Elevating your knee when swelled with pain.
● Taking a warm shower or using a heating pad.
● Losing weight to reduce the amount of stress on your knees.
● Allowing your body and knees to rest in between activity.
● Wearing supportive shoes that give your feet and knees cushioning.
● Sleeping flat on your back or with a pillow in-between your knees.

Remember, at-home treatment can only do so much. If you believe your chronic knee pain is more serious, consult Dr. Burke Orthopedics, who is trained in caring for chronic knee pain conditions.

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