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Elbow Pain

Elbow pain can cause discomfort and tenderness to the surrounding muscles ligaments and tendons of the arm. Most causes of elbow pain are related to overuse and strain. Prolonged pain or limited range of movement and arm weakness or additional issues such as trauma, bursitis or arthritis can signify a need for immediate orthopedic care.

What Causes Elbow Pain?

Elbow pain can vary from minor to severe depending on the extent of the injury or issue that is present. The most common causes of elbow pain are strain, overuse, trauma to the joint, and sports related injuries. Conditions that may be the source of the elbow pain might be, but are not limited to: 

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How to Help Elbow Pain

Dealing with chronic elbow pain can be hard to manage when immediate medical treatment or relief is unavailable. At-home treatments are not the answer to removing the pain but may aid in providing temporary relief until the proper medical treatment can be provided. Here are some quick and easy suggestions you can try at home to reduce the discomfort until you are able to visit an orthopedic doctor.

  • Rest and elevation of the area
  • Apply a heating pad or warm compress
  • Reduce swelling by applying a compression bandage
  • Apply ice for 10-15 minutes a few times a day
  • Protect the area from further injury

At-home treatment is not meant to remove all pain or replace the care provided by a medical professional. If you believe your chronic elbow pain is more serious, consult Dr. Burke Orthopedics, who is trained in caring for chronic elbow pain conditions.

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