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Next Generation of Orthopedic Surgery – The Navio Surgical System

With the ongoing advancement of technology and innovative surgical techniques, Blue Belt Technologies, a global leader in surgical robotics, continues to design and develop robotic technologies for use in the orthopedics field, specifically orthopedic surgical procedures. The most recent launch of the NAVIO Surgical System is certainly no exception. This highly state of the art addition to the surgical robotics lineup assists surgeons in delivering effective, concise and consistent end results for all their patients. With a primary focus on partial knee replacement surgery, this unique handheld robotic bone-shaping device equipped with CT free navigation software is making its visibility in the industry and marketplace known.

With a commitment and dedication to the design and development of next-generation products with robotic technology, and a strategy focused on the increased role robotics will play in the orthopedic reconstruction field in the future, Blue Belt Technologies plans to expand their reach and enhance their platform for robotic surgery from partial knee and joint replacements to include products for total knee replacement, revision knee and bi-cruciate retaining knee implants as well.

The new Navio Surgical System provides state of the art robotic assistance to the orthopedic surgeon performing partial knee replacement procedures. With the CT free navigation software and the new cutting edge, handheld bone shaping tool that is computer controlled, the Navio provides the highest level of accuracy for implant placement and balancing of soft tissue while supporting a wide range of partial knee systems which ultimately provides access to the robotics for an expansive orthopedic surgery audience.

One of the primary benefits of choosing the Navio Surgical System is the simple fact that there is no specialized preparation for the procedure or surgery nor any post-operative recovery concerns. The system, because of its CT free navigation approach presents the patient with lower costs and less of a recovery time. As part of the overall robotic surgery procedure, the orthopedic surgeon will create a customized surgical plan specific to your medical needs. The customized plan is then used to accurately position your implant taking into consideration everything from individual bone structure to individual level of cartilage wear. The procedure simply involves the use of the handheld Navio tool to sculpt away the bone that has been damaged by osteoarthritis and then securing the artificial joint in place according to your customized surgical plan.

Additional benefits of the Navio Surgical System include less pain and quicker rehab and recovery time as well as lower risks of complications and the use of smaller incisions. Further benefits include the fact that there is no need for a pre-op CT scan, and most importantly, the results are consistent and the placement of implants accurate

If you find yourself suffering from knee pain, shooting pain, swelling or stiffness in your knee that restricts your activities and affects your everyday living, then, like thousands of other people in the world, chances are you are suffering from osteoarthritis. But with the new Navio Surgical System and Dr. Burke Orthopedics, you need not suffer any longer. This new robotic assisted surgical system and plan will deliver results that are sure to improve your overall quality of life each day, every day.