Don’t Believe These Myths About Stem Cell Therapy

The medical community is constantly learning new information about stem cells and the benefits they can provide for patients through the use of stem cell therapy. However, with all of the credible information out there, there is also information that has caused patients to believe in myths that simply aren’t true. At Dr. Burke Orthopedics, we want patients to understand the truth about stem cell therapy, so we’ve laid out some myths that you shouldn’t believe about this treatment:

  1. Stem Cells can be Rejected

Many people think that stem cell therapy is a risky procedure due to the possibility of the body rejecting the introduction of the healthy cells. However, the use of autologous stem cells eliminates the possibility of rejection. These stem cells are taken from the patient’s own body and introduced to the area affected by damage or pain. As a result, there is no risk of rejection, making this procedure an extremely safe option for those suffering from joint pain.

  1. The Stem Cell Therapy Recovery Process is the Same as with Surgery

While both surgery and stem cell therapy are viable options to treat joint pain, the recovery process is quite different. With stem cell therapy, not only do patients avoid an invasive surgical procedure, they also experience an entirely different recovery process. While surgery patients must take weeks, or even months, to fully recover, stem cell therapy patients can return home the day of the procedure and can get back to most of their daily routine within a day or two.

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  1. Stem Cell Therapy is Unsafe

There is actually minimal risk involved with stem cell therapy, and a majority of patients qualify for this procedure. However, to further eliminate any risk, those considering stem cell therapy must first have an initial consultation. This helps your orthopedic doctor determine if there are any factors that could create complications with your procedure. The initial consultation includes an analysis of your medical history, severity of pain, and any medical conditions you may currently have.

  1. Stem Cell Therapy is a “Cure-All” Procedure

While the medical community is amazed by the benefits stem cell therapy can provide, it is not a procedure that can cure just anything. As previously stated, patients must first go through a consultation to determine whether the procedure will be safe and effective for them. For some patients, another treatment option may be needed for their individual case. While stem cells possess the amazing ability to heal damaged joints in the body, it is not the only treatment recommended by orthopedic doctors.

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Stem cell therapy is an outstanding treatment option for patients suffering from joint pain in Pearland, Texas. However, it’s important to know the truth of this procedure from the myths. Dr. Burke Orthopedics is a leading name in stem cell therapy for patients in Pearland, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call at (713) 436-3488.

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